Sunday, April 24, 2016

newport beach, part second

the wheelers. at the beach. (in the rain.)

really love what the weather is doing to your hair here, buddy:

dear emily: why are you wearing such gigantic dark sunglasses if it's overcast and raining out? 

duh, it's because they make me look like a movie star (insert glam emoji here).

actually, it's because i have a pretty intense eye infection hidden under those suckers. one that started the day we left for newport beach, lasted nearly the entire week we were there, and landed me at urgent care for a few hours trying to get it checked out.

and if i hadn't told you, you'd never have known.

so i guess the sunglasses did their job. and also the internet is full of people who are hiding something (insert sunglasses emoji here).

an evening stroll down to newport pier:

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