Saturday, April 23, 2016

newport beach, part first

spring break fell on a big week for our family (anniversary + two birthdays) this year, so we decided to pack up and take a little trip to southern california for some sun and surf to celebrate.

unfortunately, socal didn't get the memo that we were coming and decided to be rainy and overcast for the first few days we were there (we actually left sun in seattle. irony much?)

but never fear, the wheelers don't melt in the rain, and a short ferry ride to balboa island for some sugar 'n spice frozen bananas and dad's hippo cookies cheered the kidlets right up.

plus, no crowds!

happiest day of his life chasing birds around balboa pier:

can't keep this crew from the water for long, though. 
swimsuits or none, the waves just call to them.

the sand, too:

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