Monday, June 08, 2015

walker, dallin wheeler

i know everyone has been waiting around, biting their nails, and checking the blog *daily* to see if dallin is walking yet.

and i guess the short answer is: sort of.

dallin is what we like to call "a baby's baby." if aliens were to come down from outer space and select a specimen of human babyness, they would most certainly choose dallin. he just really digs the whole being a baby thing. the snuggling, the soft blankets, the being carried everywhere, the cute babbling, the rompers, the screaming and getting whatever you want, the wispy curls that we may never cut off. the whole nine yards.

only, ready or not, his baby days are numbered, and he's bout to be flung into the not quite so tender loving arms of toddlerhood. 

but first: the toddling!

at 16 1/2 months, dallin is by far my latest walker. he's a darn fast crawler and so has not really been interested in the slow unsteadiness of early walking. i would say he took his first steps about a month ago and has been slowly, slowly adding on to the point where just yesterday at church, he began walking the length of entire rooms.

i wouldn't say walking is dallin's primary or preferred form of transportation yet, and we'll probably still carry him around and take in lungfuls of that pure sweet baby smell a bit longer, but he's getting there.

soon to rule and reign with caleb as the kings of utter chaos!


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