Thursday, June 11, 2015

lipstick on your collar

let's just say that the ruined tube of (new!) twenty-dollar lipstick was the least of my concerns after i tallied up the damage here:

not pictured: lipstick handprints all over the carpet, lipstick handprints all over the hardwoods, lipstick handprints on the walls, lipstick handprints on various hard and soft toys, lipstick handprints on me. you know, just your typical toddler-gets-a-hold-of-a-tube-of-lipstick-and-mom-thinks-he's-just-playing-innocently-in-the-next-room kind of stuff.

and also, before anyone goes around thinking that i'm a "cool mom" (ha!), rest assured that after assessing the scene, i stomped around and let out several good screams to the universe before stopping to take this picture to add to my ever-growing collection of "fond memories of toddlerhood" that i know i'll (blessedly) remember with nothing but humor twenty years from now.

until then, elbow grease, ho!!

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