Sunday, April 12, 2015

there's something about caleb

our newly minted three year old:

caleb is a boss. there is really no other way around it.

he is independence. he is adventure. he is charm.

he loves books. not so much being read to. he loves walking. not so much holding hands. he loves, loves, loves, torturing afton. not so much when she returns the favor.  

there's no question caleb is blonde for added visibility. and for our part, we dress him in a lot of orange and yellow and red at playgrounds and parks and even in the backyard so that he's easy to spot when he's darting off into the street or climbing something dangerous (have you ever found your son at the top of your eight foot bookcase? cause i have) or poking a hornet's nest. 

this kid has no fear.

see that bruise beginning to form on his forehead? yeah, i have no idea what that's from, but there'll be two more just like it before the week is up, i'm sure.

caleb is without guile. he is who is he and he does what he wants and he always tells the truth. who colored all over the wall? "i colored it." who got into the fridge and ate this entire cake? "i ate it." who poured sand down afton's shirt? "i did it." 

he sticks out his lower lip and gives you the saddest face you've ever seen if he thinks he's in trouble. or he's just generally so calmly charming about the whole thing that you can't help but not be as distressed as you wanted to be about whatever mischief he's gotten into (and will surely revisit again).

there's just something about caleb. 

happy birthday to my happy, healthy, handsome son! every year of his life has probably taken two off of mine, but i'm so, so (so!) glad he's ours.

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