Saturday, April 11, 2015

anniversaire de mariage

yesterday was also bryan and emily's eleventh wedding anniversary.

fun fact: we've been married for, like, a third of our lives now.

last night, we were taking a little stroll while waiting for our dinner reservation. i was hungry, so we stopped in a chocolate shop (where i knew they gave out free chocolate!) and decided to "build our own box" for the first time in our eleven years wed. we usually just go in and buy a pre-sorted stash, but with no kids in tow and some time to kill, we carefully selected about ten chocolates each to put in our anniversary box.

and let me tell you what: after watching bryan pick out his chocolates, i felt like i didn't know this man at all. i mean, all this time i thought for sure he was a nut and chew and caramel guy (cause that's what i've been buying him, and by golly, he's been eating them), when in fact, left to his own devices, he ordered a bunch of truffles. fruity-flavored truffles.

all this time. and he still takes me by surprise.

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