Wednesday, October 29, 2014

rise and shout

okay, first of all, i just want to say that i was addressed as "ma'am" twice while we were on byu campus.


(and one of those times, my kids weren't even around.)

um, does this look like the face of a "ma'am" to you?

OR does it *more likely* look like a gal who is much too young and hip and eating ice cream like a boss (ps, that was the best raspberry milkshake i've ever, ever had) to be a "ma'am?"

on the other hand, i did learn how to type on an *actual typewriter* in the seventh grade...


am i dwelling on this too much? because bryan thinks i may be dwelling on this too much.

anyhoo, speaking of bryan, here's his selfie in front of a kick-butt poster for cindy's alumni lecture (which was amazing and totally downloadable from youtube, bytheway):

and this is a little something from the mckay building in case you wanted to see for yourself what it looks like chasing caleb around all day:

paying our respects to mr. clyde and his building full of engineers:

and before our lovely luncheon honoring all eleven outstanding alumni of the year: 

we were so impressed with the outstanding alumni and the great things they are doing in their communities and beyond. and super proud to be related to one of them. go cindy!

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Janelle said...

It was great to see y'all and your cute kids!