Monday, October 06, 2014

cheetah run

last thursday, the wheeler girls participated once again in their school's largest fundraiser.

here are this year's unofficial stats:
--afton ran seven laps (1.75 miles)
--summer ran nine laps (2.25 miles)

initially, summer's plan was to run sixteen laps (four miles) in thirty minutes. i tried to talk her out of it mathematically, but she wouldn't budge. the night before the cheetah run, however, bryan and i were (phew!) able to coax her down to a more manageable goal of ten laps.

afton's like her mama and doesn't want to box herself in by setting "goals." she just ran until she was done. beast mode.

there is *some* controversy over whether she ran six or seven laps, but you know, when in doubt, say seven.

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