Thursday, May 01, 2014

a life of ease

three months:

the question i'm asked the most these days is whether or not dallin is an easy baby.

the longer answer involves delving into the subtleties of the word "easy," quoting words of wisdom from the great tom hanks in a league of their own, waxing eloquent on the meaning and purpose of life, musing about motherhood b.c. and a.c. (before caleb and after caleb), and of course, never, ever forgetting that dallin is a baby. who can do nothing for himself. and that there's a gaggle of young children around all the time who have made it hazy in my mind what easy is even supposed to mean anymore.

but the short answer is yes.

for example, last night during dinner, when i was (yet again) the only adult around for the evening, and summer started vomiting all over the table, and afton was getting vomited on and wouldn't move out of the way, and i was yelling at summer to grab a bowl to vomit in, and yelling at afton to move out of the way, and trying to catch some of the vomit with my hands, and afton started crying, and summer started crying, and caleb, sensing the commotion, started violently throwing his food all over. there was dally.

sitting in his swing.

and he was all, "you know what? it's cool. i totally see that you guys are all crazy and stuff, and i'm gonna give you a minute -- maybe even an hour -- to get this little situation under control before i calmly and politely ask for a diaper change and some dinner of my own. so mom, don't worry about me, 'cause it looks like at the moment, you've got your hands full."

and i'm all, "thank you, dally. just. thank you."

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Joelle Good said...

So sweet.....