Thursday, August 08, 2013

return to alta lake

last weekend we returned to alta lake for our family's second overnight camping excursion (that would mean camping twice in three years! i think we're on a roll!) this time, we were also joined by uncle schmatto, anna, and danton.

summer's first kite fly. don't let her apparent calm demeanor fool you: she spent the entire time crying and screaming, "make it STOP! make it STOP!" in her defense, it was quite windy.

meet caleb.  he thinks camping is the best. thing. ever. he spent the entire campout (including those hours he should have been sleeping), grinning from ear to ear and basking in pure wild and free outdoorsy-ness. in fact, when we arrived back home and caleb learned that we had not *permanently*  relocated to a tent in the wilderness near a lake, well, let's just say he handled the news quite poorly.

on the boat. afton even tried her daredevil hand at tubing.

come to think of it, caleb didn't spend the entire campout grinning. he was not a big fan of the boat.

goodbye, alta lake! and thanks to mike et al. for organizing another great BCT (big camping trip)!

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