Thursday, August 22, 2013

laziest summer ever

i totally give myself two thumbs down for the blog-umentation of this summer.

so here's a quick peek into our lives:

summer and afton occupy most of their time by good old fashioned playing all day (a philosophy brought to you by the letter "L" for lazy mom and the letter "S" for simplicity parenting). i see them at meal times and before bed, but otherwise, they are busy delving deeper and deeper into their fantastic and creative imaginary worlds or setting up all the little tiny toys they can get their little tiny hands on in some elaborate and delicate scheme. they have also been muy entertained by the many extended family folks who have been coming and going throughout the past several months.

caleb spends the majority of his days keeping the rest of us on our toes. i'm pretty sure a week doesn't go by that i don't amazon prime some new kind of baby-proofing device or door lock (keep in mind, we have had children before...). always in search of a good time and a big mess, caleb's little legs have spent almost every second of this summer in motion. he's also been showing very little interest in using words and instead, finds his current modes of communication -- yelling, yelling louder, and various demanding gestures -- effective enough.

there have, of course, been zoos and play dates and trips and lakes and kids camps and outings and adventures and what nots, but mostly, if you ever find yourself thinking, "huh, i wonder what the wheelers are up to right now?" you can probably just stop on by 'cause there's a pretty good chance we'll simply be hanging out at home.

(only, don't "just stop on by," 'cause there's *also* a pretty good chance i'll simply be still in my pajamas...)

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