Saturday, January 26, 2013

ski lesson one

which should probably be more accurately labeled "ski lesson zero" because we never actually made it to the part where we got to "ski."

or perhaps an even more fitting title would be the term i so fondly use to describe today's overall experience: "ski hell."

i shan't go into all the details here, but let's just say we kicked off the day spending an unexpected hour and a half looking for a spot in the parking lot.

and because of the lack of parking, the unsinkable, unbreakable, and unmistakable team wheeler had to split up: les boys continuing the fruitless search for a place to park the car, and les girls venturing out on their own like three little ski lambs to the great and terrible ski slaughter.

to get a rough idea of how our day went, picture me (my first time in ski boots) awkwardly carrying *three* pairs of skis while trying to drag summer and afton (also their first time in ski boots) who are crying loudly (cause they totally hate their ski boots) and falling on their faces every so often (again, those wretched boots!) as we try to make our way from the rental place (a special ski hell all its own) to the ski school through the utter chaos of people going hither and thither and every which way on their skis.

it was an epic two hundred yards.

anyhoo, we didn't make it to our lesson even close to on time and were not prepared to wait another two hours for the next available opening, so they refunded all our money, and we returned home seven hours later and seven hours wiser for all that had transpired.

but do you think you can break us that easily, great and terrible ski slaughterers?


not these little lambies. we've shed a few tears, we've got a few bumps, we've got a few bruises, and so what if it's all without having even been on the "skis" yet?

next weekend, the wheeler girls is definitely coming back for more.

it's. so. on.

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Beckie said...

that describes every time I've ever gone skiing!! "Ski Hell" -- a special place!!-- Love the post! Hate to ski still!!!