Sunday, January 20, 2013

c'est chic

you know, i bet these two lovebirds have the most gorgeous kids:

ps - last night, amazon also treated employees to a stellar performance by imagine dragons, with super adorable and such-a-nice-guy (LDS, too?) front man dan reynolds.

seriously one of the best concerts i've attended. vocals spot on, showmanship spot on, a face-melting guitar solo, and a lead singer who drums? sign me up.

all four dudes in the band play no fewer than twelve instruments and are mad, mad talented.

dejected sigh.

they totally blew our karaoke out of the water.

pps - several fans have inquired after the possibility of a video recording featuring bryan's and my "ring of fire" duet. well, yes, a secret recording *does* exist, and maybe -- just maybe -- when we're old and tired and figure we have nothing left to lose, we'll share it.

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