Wednesday, December 26, 2012

onward, ever onward

dear 2012,

remember that time we bought our first house and had our third baby and bryan started a new job all at the same time? well, let's never do that again. like, ever.

other excitements of the year include summer growing out her bangs, afton officially making the switch from bagels and cream cheese every day for lunch to macaroni and cheese every day for lunch, caleb cutting six massive teeth and biting everything he can get his little baby hands on, emily returning to her roots as a kind of bona fide blonde, and bryan continuing to do whatever it is that bryan does and being totally awesome at it.

you've been good to our family, two to the twelve, but it's time to move on. lucky thirteen is waiting for us to show it who's boss.

much love,

the wheelers

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