Wednesday, December 12, 2012


it's (likely) the last repetitive date of all (my) time.

also, little big man is eight months old today.

caleb has recently informed me that the cute little baby rompers i've been putting him in are getting his legs all tangled up and seriously cramping his oppa-crawling-style. he'll have no more of it.


and so it begins.

first they want to wear pants, and then the next thing you know, it's time to register them for kindergarten.

ps - happy 34th anniversary to my parents!


Anonymous said...

What do you mean "of all time". Consternation.

Emily said...

I mean mostly of our lifetimes. Dramatic exaggeration, I suppose. (and not counting 2/22/22).

Here's to humanity not self-destructing before the 3000s come around!

Emily said...

D'oh. Or the 2100s. (though I think we'll make it at least that far).

Time math is obviously not a strong suit of mine...