Thursday, March 17, 2011

gold rush

so after our delicious breakfast
the girls got going on their rainbow photo treasure hunt.

here is the first clue:

which led them to my (super awesome and aren't you jealous) yellow shoes,
on which was secured a second rainbow-color-clue, and so on and so forth:

until they found the "pot of gold."

which they promptly and securely sequestered in their little banks.

all up, the girls had great fun (and with minimal prep effort on my part, which is always a plus), and summer was stellar at following the clues; however, i think the metaphorical nature of the treasure hunt was a little lost on her. she's still looking around for that pesky *real* pot of gold at the end of the *real* rainbow (like the one in the picture!), but hey, aren't we all?

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