Saturday, March 26, 2011

celebrate spring

so the wheelers decided to try a little different approach this year to some of our Easter traditions. the easter bunny (whom summer incidentally believes is made out of chocolate -- she keeps asking, "now can we eat the easter bunny?"), having previously visited our home on the saturday before Easter sunday, has been relegated to a separate holiday all together, and we've instituted a small celebration of the first day of spring, to take place on the first saturday after the vernal equinox. anyway, it's sort of a new idea for us, and we'll keep you posted on whether or not mr. bunny's relocation becomes permanent.

so, first off, the night before, each family member draws another family member's name and writes four compliments and two acts of service for the person they drew, then tucks the slips of paper inside a half dozen plastic eggs. we put all the eggs in a bowl (each one marked with a special sticker to identify its recipient) on the table for the easter bunny to hide.  the next morning, the girls hunt for their eggs and see what good things are inside.

this year, summer and afton drew one another, as did mom and dad:

then, it's time to see what seasonal goodies that delicious, chocolaty bunny has left for my girlies (bright colors! butterflies! fairies!):

and finally, it's out to the yard to play, cultivate the earth, and begin preparations for the season of growth ahead:


(hmmm....looks like somebody has already been experiencing a season of growth.)

happy spring!

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