Sunday, November 07, 2010

three years old

let's talk about our newly minted three year old.

my sweet summer is a tenderhearted creature. she is compassionate and concerned for the well-being of all living creatures. if you are feeling ill, she will tuck you in bed, turn out the light, and softly stroke your back. "feel better?" she'll ask. if you have sustained an injury, she will hold you tight, give you a kiss, and ask if you need a band-aid. if she sees a slug on the ground, she will become very involved in its safety until we point out a mommy, after which she will urge, "go home to your mommy, slug!"

summer is very orderly and routine. she knows exactly how our days should go and plans accordingly. on occasion, when we have to be somewhere early and need to get dressed before breakfast (as we usually get dressed after breakfast), i have to budget in an extra fifteen minutes for the fit she will throw because it's not *time* to get dressed yet. she also spends a considerable amount of play time lining up all her toys and organizing them by color and category. (still a girl after her mother's heart.)

summer loves dresses and bows and shoes. and princesses and pink and castles and cupcakes. she is energetic and optimistic -- leaping out of bed every day with a rousing "good morning!" she blows kisses, gives hugs, tells stories, and cries every time she gets in trouble because she hates being in trouble.

summer just loves her family, and it's obvious we think she's the bees knees, too.

so happy birthday, summer girl. at 9:55pm on november 6, 2007, the world became brighter and better to have you here.


wheelerdealer said...

A sentimental and nicely expressed tribute to a beautiful little girl. Well done. The world is a much better place having been graced with Summer's presence!

Jodi said...

Happy Birthday Summer! You are such a cutie!!