Sunday, January 11, 2009

are you my mother?

summer and i have been extending our vacation from the floods back home and staying the past couple weeks with my parents in alabama. while we have been here, however, an interesting change has come over summer, and she has decided to choose for herself a new mother: the mere-de-mere. but frankly, i don't blame her. as far as moms go, mine is boss, and given the opportunity, i'd probably make the switch, too.

the following is a taste of summer's recent attachment: her daily fit as my mother leaves for work in the morning (keep in mind the real mother is still in the room).

there was a time i thought she would only screech like that for me.


Jonathan & Cheri said...

That is hilarious . . .well besides probably hurting your feelings a bit! I bet your mom is flattered though =)

Jones Town said...

Hey Brian & Emily-

This video just makes me laugh...probably because I can sympathize. But hey, what kid doesn't like grandma best? :)