Sunday, January 04, 2009

2008: It's all about you.

Oh no! A post without a photo. Let's face it... we spent the entirety of 2008 talking about us (117 posts to be precise). Let's start off the new year talking a little about you (in aggregate, that is). For the year of 2008, Google Analytics tells us the following information about visitors to
  • Page views: 10221
  • Unique visitors: 1588*
  • Visitor locations: 38 countries/45 states

Pouring through the data, we've noticed some interesting habits. For example, many of you prefer to check the blog on Mondays. Also, if we don't write at least once a week, you lose interest. Publish or perish, right?

Top referrers

At this time, I'd like to give a shout out to our top 3 referring sites for 2008:

Many of you just barely missed a spot in the top 3. For 2009, however, we'll be offering a prize to the top 3 referring sites, so hang in there.

Popular pages

Here's a list of our most popular stories based on a variety of highly objective popularity criteria:

*If this number seems dubious, that's because it is. Google tracks unique visitors based on cookies. Thus, if you access our blog from work, from the airport kiosk, and from two different browsers at home, you'll be counted as 4 unique users. Thus, I'd estimate the real number to be anywhere from 1 (hi Scott) to 500.

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Katie said...

Hey! What about the prize for your publicity managers of 2008?? I'm totally going to bold your link on my page and put it at the tippy top. Well... maybe. What is the prize for next year? Nice post by the way. You guys are computer maniacs.