Monday, December 01, 2008

get your bowl on

somehow, back in 2004, the wheeler clan was forced into a tradition of thanksgiving bowling. while the rest of the family would probably not complain if we left the activity behind, it's a great time for me as i usually win (and i do so love to win). however, this year, we welcomed peter to the family along with his myriad skills, one of which happens to be bowling. and out of the blue, bryan appears to have been skipping work and secretly sharpening his own bowling abilities.

peter tied me for the first game -- gimp ankle and all -- and bryan ripped me to pieces in the second.

ah well, winning isn't everything.

...whatever, that's a lie promulgated by losers, and i shan't rest until i reclaim my crown!!

summer. enjoying her first family bowl.

peter. obviously distressed by his spare.

emily. bowls like a flamingo.

mike. hates bowling.

bryan. well on his way to a strike.
who knew left-handers could succeed in this right-handed world?

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Holly said...

Ah, bowling. Sounds like you had a good time. That girl of yours is sure getting cuter and cuter, too.