Monday, December 15, 2008

Eye candy

The concept is simple:

1 Zoo + 3 million light bulbs + $6 = fun.

It may not be obvious, but Summer evidences symptoms of cabin fever if she doesn't get out on a very regular basis. Thus, following a hot tip from Matt KA Brown, we took the infant phenomenon to see the Zoo Lights at Point Defiance.

Heretofore, I've always felt those vendors hawking junk at various public venues were merely capitalizing on  widespread parental inability to say no. Imagine my horror when Emily went and purchased a retina damaging fiber optic light stick without Summer even asking.

For Summer, however, the light stick quickly became the attraction. Her fascination with the light stick was so strong that she instantly ripped off her gloves so she could stroke the fiber optic strands. Imagine the joy when I ultimately had to pry her new found love from her cold fingers later that night.

Hmmm.... seems like the kind of girl that'll demand big, sparkly diamonds one day.

Summer, still not interested in the other lights.

[James Earl Jones voice] Summer, I am your father.

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