Tuesday, January 22, 2008

treat yourself

i decided to post pictures of bryan and myself this week, to satisfy our own fans.

summer was tucked neatly inside her moby wrap (finally relinquishing center stage), but as you can see, she's quite the camera hog. plus, it's sort of a little game she likes to play to suddenly 'pop' out and frighten unsuspecting passersby. very alien. or space balls. whichever may be your genre of choice. i've had cashiers nearly scream; summer loves it.

for mlkj day, we braved the car ride and went down to issaquah for rootbeer and milkshakes at xxx rootbeer. the rootbeer was great; unfortunately, the giant shake would definitely not pass my dad's thickness test, but we've had worse.

and for interested parties, i would rate the car ride at 50% as far as the screaming goes (meaning she was upset for 50% of her time in the vehicle). bryan and i both felt this to be a great accomplishment for baby sums. it's all about expectations.

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betsey said...

Thanks for the picture Emily! I couldn't understand anything in Bryan's last post :) Summer is just adorable!!!