Friday, January 18, 2008

baby in the hood

in an effort to off-set bryan's blog-jacking, i thought it expedient to post a picture of summer for her fans.

i get this look a lot. it's the "lady, what do you think you're doing?" look. she is constantly questioning my authority--little firecracker. lucky for her, i am not easily intimidated.
the other look i get frequently is the "this is for babies" look. as we have mentioned before, summer is in a hurry to grow up. how can a ten-week-old be in a hurry to grow up, you ask? i don't know, but she is. if she could talk, she would say:
           --pacifiers are for babies, mom
           --cribs are for babies, mom
           --strollers are for babies, mom
           --car seats are for babies, mom
but alas, she cannot talk, so instead, she just cries. apparently, that is not for "babies."


Carter Family said...

We love reading your posts. they always make us laugh. Well, lucky for Summer she is going to grow up fast. Unfortunately all kids seem to grow up too fast. Seems like yesterday Madison was that size now she is in Kindergarten.

Susanne said...

Yeah, I do this with my cat, but somehow I'm thinking that it makes MUCH more sense with a baby!