Thursday, November 01, 2007

game over

we never doubted the intellectual aptitude of our readership: already, we have a winner for our name game. we thought about continuing to post clues and press forward with the contest, but our attention spans are pretty short, as we imagine most others are also.

the winner will be informed and congratulated here shortly. maybe even sooner than previously anticipated (one can only dream).

on a somewhat different note, we carved that beautiful squatty pumpkin from the pumpkin patch. bryan so loves his job as guts-cleaner-outer. can't you tell?

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Lauren said...

totally unrelated to this post- is there a baby yet? just wondering. . . im getting a little excited. I dont know if Larry mentioned it to Bryan but I'v been asking about this baby for many months. I'd really like to see you two (or three) sometime. Heres some incentive for you- I got you a present ;) Did it work? Let us know that happens!!!!