Wednesday, November 29, 2006

let it snow!

as it turns out, we were in for quite the weather treat when we relocated to the beautiful pacific northwest. this november has been the wettest month since december 1933. and, for all you smarties out there, what does wetness do when it is engulfed by sub arctic temperatures (also a weather novelty for this year)? it freezes.

thus, school has been closed for the past two days due to treacherous driving conditions. microsoft closes for no one--no, not even mother nature. how else is bill to get his billions?

meteorology aside, we have just finished entertaining the wheeler clan for thanksgiving. this year's lessons learned: we should return to plain white mashed potatoes and no more cheesecake. we also learned that i beat everyone at bowling (with my special chicken dance) and cindy washes a mean dish (take that, grant!). and when bryan drug us out into the snow blown wilderness in search of another one of his geo caches (which, for morale's sake, we FINALLY found) we learned that snowshoeing can actually be quite hard (shout out to all our troopers!)

plus, for those of you who may be unaware, butter becomes a raging flame when left in an oven with temperatures excessive of 400 degrees fahrenheit. always keep the baking soda close by.

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