Thursday, November 09, 2006

cry me a river

so after months of waiting for this alleged "wet" weather that plagues the pacific northwest to begin, the sky has finally opened her fury...and it has been raining for over a week. really, really raining.

two days ago, as bryan and i were leaving for work in the morning, we discovered that the road we usually take out of duvall was flooded (please note pictures above). however, we also discovered that an alternate route was still available, and being the smart cookies we are, we took it. only to discover several hours later--while still at work--that all the roads in and out of duvall were closed due to flooding (there are only three). alas, we had been clever enough to get out, not thinking about how we would then get back in.

so we didn't. we actually enjoyed a mini-vacation at the marriott in downtown bellevue. i purchased shirts for each of us so that we wouldn't go back to work in entirely the same outfits (everyone has different priorities), we ate out, watched tv, and i finished my report cards.

it still hasn't stopped raining.

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