Sunday, September 20, 2020

be kind, rewind

so here's the thing: i have somehow accumulated a pretty decent pileup of unpublished blogposts and pictures dating back to october (trick or treating!) of last year. yes, all the way back to the land before time. the time before now. the then before this.

my hope is to publish them all before october (trick or treating?) of THIS year. and if you so choose to follow along, then prepare yourselves for a bumpy ride because i anticipate being all over the place with this little task like a super uncoordinated time traveler. 

first up: raspberry picking!

this we did in july 2020. the berry fields were pretty packed due to the pandemic and folks maybe not having much else to do (and also there being half as much capacity for picking), so we had to rise and shine and be out at harvold's before 8am--a first in almost a decade of berry picking--in order to not be turned away. 

luckily, we made it in time, we stayed in our lane, and we got to pick our little berry hearts out.

after the harvest, we enjoyed our traditional raspberry milkshakes, and then bryan and i went on to low-key ruin all but one of our seven batches of jam (another first) by mixing the sugar in with the pectin simultaneously like amateurs who couldn't read directions. the good news is the kids don't seem to mind our super runny jam, and the overall "twenty-four pints of raspberry jam we ruined" vibe seems to fit in with 2020 just fine. 

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