Wednesday, November 06, 2019

twelfth night

this girl is twelve years old today.

our summer loves life. she has a hard time picking favorites because she just hearts too many things. she is easy to please and quick to give. summer is generous and without guile. born to hand out eggs from her easter basket to all the kids with less than her instead of focusing on gathering more eggs. empathic. optimistic. musical. often found wrapped in blankets near warm fires reading five books at a time. 

my guess is that the drama that can accompany these early adolescent years will fly right by summer as she skips her way toward her teens. (side note: i haven't often seen summer skip, but it's the movement i use most often to describe who she is as a person.)

she's practical and rational and responsible and not too fond of heights or speed or cold. summer is a big fan of alt rock and has avocado toast almost every morning for breakfast. if she could be anywhere in the world right now, it would be london.

so here's to our summer girl! never stop never stopping. be the girl you want to be. give the good you want to give. and every now and again, take no prisoners. 

love, mom.

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