Sunday, January 01, 2017

and a happy new year

mes chers amis, 

there we are: wheelers 2016.

we jumped out of the car, set up the tripod, and took a series of shots in five minutes (in the freezing cold) before anyone had a chance to melt down (momma included!), then we went home, changed back into our pajamas, snuggled under warm blankets, and fixed the children delicious hot chocolate that all of them wanted and half of them didn't drink.

and...that pretty much epitomizes the wheeler family happenings this year. 

we've been busy doing what everyone else has probably been busy doing: trying to get things done, trying to figure things out, trying to appreciate the moment, the day, the phase. trying to teach, trying to learn, trying to get it right (on at least the third or fourth try). trying to be kinder, more patient, more forgiving. trying to help others more and to hurt others less and, of course, trying to enjoy this incredible ride.

wishing you all the love and laughter on your many varied journeys, friends! you got this!

wheelers out.

(sooo...tell us how you really feel about taking family pictures, caleb...)

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