Friday, September 02, 2016

say hello

to the longest my hair has been in FIFTEEN YEARS.

after more than one person didn't recognize me at back to school night this week, i thought i'd just put this out there: yes, it's me :)  yes, i still know all the words to billy joel's "we didn't start the fire." yes, growing out a pixie cut is like reliving middle school every. single. day. yes, there was this one time i was mistaken for gwen stefani at a grocery store in new mexico. yes, i own way too many flannel button down shirts (90s, baby!) 

and no, i don't know how to use bobby pins (but i stick them around in my hair anyway. for good measure.)

1 comment:

Janelle said...

Growing out a pixie, or shaved head, is no joke. I'm just ready to be able to tuck hair behind my ear. It's the little things.