Tuesday, May 10, 2016

mother's day dresses

and ties!

after taking an unintentional hiatus for a few years, mother's day dresses (and ties!) are back at the wheelers. 

i waxed eloquent about this tradition five years ago and its basis in the fact that my mother and my grandmother taught me how to sew. both would (and have) probably say that they didn't really teach me how to sew citing that the time they spent in actual instruction was minimal or that my skill exceeds their own. 

but they taught me how to thread the machine. they taught me how to read a pattern. they taught me that "that which is worth doing is worth doing well" (something i bemoan every time i unpick a row of stitching). they taught me that i can get better (at almost anything!) with work and practice and more work and more practice. and they put in the time if ever i asked for help. 

because that's what mothers do.

you hold the bike, you push the bike, you let it go... ...and, don't get me wrong, they'll definitely fall flat on their faces a few times (or more). 

but one day, one fine day: they'll fly.

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