Wednesday, March 09, 2016

hair today, gone tomorrow

about a month ago, caleb got a pretty sweet haircut:

he owned it, gelled it, and pretty much rocked the socks off that 'do until...

he found a pair of scissors.

as an added bonus, while bryan was shaving caleb's hair to even out the damage (shown above), the guard inadvertently fell off the razor, which resulted in a pretty sizeable bald spot that (for consistency's sake) had to become an incredibly large bald spot (shown below).

duh duh duh DUN (snap, snap)

some things i want to remember about this experience: 
--caleb keeps running to the mirror to see if his hair has grown back yet. 
--one of his first comments was how he now looks like opa d.
--he is telling everyone not to touch his hair because "it's pokey!"

dear preschool in the morning, please be kind :) 

1 comment:

Anna said...

My first thought also was "wow he looks like Opa D".