Sunday, November 01, 2015

scooby dooby doo

where are you?

we've got some work to do now.

scooby dooby doo,

where are you?

we need some help from you now.

come on, scooby doo, i see you

pretending you've got a sliver.

but you're not fooling me, cause i can see

the way you shake and shiver.

you know we've got a mystery to solve so scooby doo

be ready for your act. don't hold back.

and scooby doo if you come through you're gonna have yourself a scooby snack!

that's a fact!

scooby dooby doo, here are you

you're ready and you're willing.

if we can count on you, scooby doo,

i know we'll catch that villain.


Katie said...

This is really cool. And I don't even know any nice scooby references to make this comment clever but I just love it.

Emily said...

Thank you! Your costumes were amazing this year (as they always are). And I need to meet your cute kids and force them to be friends with my kids. One day!