Tuesday, July 14, 2015

now we are six

on saturday, july 11th, at 1:07pm, our afton noelle turned six! 

afton has the most beautiful, genuine smile. 

she wants to be a fashion designer when she grows up. she spends hours sketching her designs and can often be heard complementing others on their style choices: "i like your shirt!" "that's a cute bag!" "i love those shoes!"

she loves lots of bright colors and rainbow sparkle anything. 

afton is my pickiest eater.

she is a perfectionist. she loves her things just so. she loves to organize her toys and is a master make believer. she dances. she does cartwheels. she adores her dad.

afton is silly. she has the coolest fun voices and sings the silliest silly songs. she's a talent with her vocal instrument and loves to make people laugh.

she's our resident puzzler. she loves to build (legos!) and figure things out. she asks the hard questions. she muses. she ruminates. she digs deep.

afton is summer's best friend. she is caleb's best friend. she adores baby dallin. 

we love that you're a part of our family, afton! we love watching you grow. we love discovering who you are. we love the light in your eyes and the dimple in your cheek and the softness in your heart. happiest of happy birthdays, afty bay!!

but now i am six,
i'm as clever as clever.
so i think i'll be six
now and forever.
--a.a. milne

ps - afton's birthday dress is sewn from a vintage 80s pattern i found and snatched up because it was similar to a dress my mom made for me in 1986. do you ladies remember these dresses? the puffy sleeves? the puffiest.

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