Sunday, December 28, 2014

christmas skirts

so pretty much every year, i have some sort of crazy, hare-brained, last-minute, stress-induced scheme to sew something for christmas.

it's like, the twenty-third of december, and i'm all, "i *must* go out and buy fabric and interfacing and buttons and zippers and patterns and sew through the night to make some skirts/dresses/satchels/pillows/pajamas/et cetera or else christmas will be ruined!"

and pretty much every year, bryan backs me off that cliff.  slowly, calmly, reasonably. and we go on with our lives.

but this year, bryan. wasn't. home.

the emily train could not be stopped, and the last stitches were sewn literally minutes before sitting down to dinner christmas eve.

circle skirts! with pockets! and peppermints! and twirls!

christmas. saved.

you're welcome.

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