Friday, September 26, 2014

career day

today was career day at school for the girls.

summer, who had three younger siblings by the time she was six years old, wants to be an obstetrician. certain family members hope she changes her specialty by the time she's in medical school, but i find that once summer has decided something, she can be pretty difficult to sway. if i have another baby (*cough* years down the road *cough*), summer is desperate to come to the delivery. so we'll see how she feels after that awesome bonding experience.

afton hemmed and hawed, but finally decided on kindergarten teacher (see that ruler? it's how she keeps those kindies in line. get it? in LINE!?) though, generally when she talks about her future, it involves moving to paris and making ice cream for a living. and with our afty bay, really, she could go either way.

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