Sunday, August 31, 2014

the evergreen state fair

or the one where the children are almost eaten by farm animals.

caleb was not nearly as impressed at holding a brand new baby pig as we thought he would be.

here the kiddos are meeting their very first herd of (hungry) goats. you can see how the goats tower over caleb (his head is lower left corner), whose vertical inferiority he was not super excited about. you can also tell how much afton is digging the experience from her facial expression, barely visible in the upper left. 

luckily, no wheeler children were harmed in the making of this petting zoo adventure. they screamed a lot, but they were not harmed.

checking out the ducks from behind the relative safety of the fence.

lovin on (slash scarfing down) some delicious fisher fair scones. don't judge me.

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