Monday, February 24, 2014

dally woo

here is what we know about baby dallin so far:

he never sleeps. i mean, obviously, not never, but mostly, like, *never.* i think he has slept for three hours in a row all of twice since coming home. typically, he's up every hour or two hours or so. and one horrible, horrible night, he was up every twenty minutes. every twenty minutes, people!

he is my fastest nurser. which is saying a lot because all of my kids have been fast nursers, but dallin brings home the gold clocking in at three minutes. three minutes, people!

he scored a ten on his Apgar, which is a bit uncommon (being that it's not very different from a nine on the Apgar). we're not really sure what it means, but we tell everyone we know, and if he doesn't score at least a 2400 on his SAT in seventeen years, we're asking for our money back.

his eyes are always open. his head is perfectly shaped. he is completely unimpressed with my singing and cooing and efforts to make him play with me. and he remains absolutely adored (sleepless nights and all) by all the people living here.

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