Friday, January 03, 2014


so bryan is always trying to up the adventure ante around here by encouraging his little wheelers (mama included) to eat more exotic foods. as an after christmas breakfast treat, he thought we might all enjoy a little dimsum in seattle's international district. or at least he thought *he* might enjoy it, and the children and i were held mercilessly against our culinary will (just kidding, we went along...willingly).

the scorecard came back as follows:

kudos all around for bryan, schmatto, anna, and danton.

summer was a good sport and tried everything at least once. she actually liked a lot of the delicacies (even the seafood). yea for daddy! a girl after your own heart. i mean, stomach. 

afton has a palate like her mother's and, not surprisingly, was thoroughly unimpressed with what dimsum had to offer. however, she did insist on ordering a plate of beef and noodles off the menu, which she sampled. 

caleb was the wild card. he's generally the best eater out of the three of them, but he played against type here and disliked everything about the food except the chopsticks. 

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