Sunday, December 08, 2013

out of the mouths of babes

so if you know caleb, then you know he is not a man of many words.

i mean, he chatters all the time: constantly going on and on about this or that or the other, making various demands, and questioning the world around him.

but with the words? not so much.

i'm fairly certain he views our "language" as unnecessarily overwrought and time consuming. (no doubt reading him his first dickens novel is going to blow his little baby mind).

so instead of using a different word for every-single-little-tiny-thing, he prefers to shorten various -- and even simple -- words to single syllables and then to use each single syllable "word" multifunctionally.

his favorite syllable so far is "ba," which he uses to indicate any one of the following: book, bus, buckle, bowl, diaper (don't hate me, but i call it a "biaper"), bye, ball, balloon, belly, block and bear. (he's got a thing for "b" words, obviously).

unfortunately, his lack of specificity will only work for so long with so many people (and believe me, it's already starting to wear on his parents a little). so it's likely caleb will ultimately have to swallow his pride and concede to speaking like the rest of us.

we'll keep you updated on how long he holds out.

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