Thursday, July 11, 2013

afton turns four

dearest afton,

you are the pizzazz, you are the POW!, you are the "je ne sais quois" in this little family of ours.

you are brilliant, imaginative, eloquent, impassioned. and very, very afraid of bugs.

you make up songs and dances and words and rhymes. you have the best names for your stuffed animals (like sbeetle and owl-tyne), and you come up with the most creative ways of expressing your emotions (like when your foot falls asleep and you say it's "buzzling" or when you're tired and you say your eyes are telling you to close them, or when you get pushed at the park and scream at the perpetrator that she is NOT the most beautiful girl in the world).

you feel everything (ev-er-y-thing) so deeply, so fully, so much.

you are the little girl with her hands over her ears in sharing time because those songs are just too darn loud, the one refusing to participate in gymnastics class because you hate being told what to do (or maybe because someone accidentally bumped in to you), you are the preschooler throwing a dangerous tantrum (again) in the middle of the parking lot because who-the-heck-knows-why?!!

we love you. you are unyielding, inimitable, and unapologetically yourself.

you have strong feelings about justice. about equality. about right and wrong. and you are just beginning to discover how best to handle yourself when life does not go exactly as planned (it's been a rocky road, but we are getting there!)

and all of you power and oomph and might comes wrapped in such sweetness and is tied together with this broad, beautiful smile. you are our sunshine. bright, and fierce, and warm.

happy birthday, afton!

shine on.



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