Monday, March 11, 2013

cancer: update one

three weeks ago, my mom was diagnosed with lung cancer.

as a family, we decided it was best for her to undergo treatment here in seattle, and she and my father are staying with us for the next few months whilst she endures rounds of both chemotherapy and radiation.

to keep the many family members and friends who are thinking about her and praying for her updated, and at her request, we will be posting periodically on how she is doing and how treatment is progressing.

so far, she has completed one three-day session of chemotherapy, with three more sessions to go over the course of the next two months.  she has also completed six of her thirty-seven sessions of radiation.

cancer treatment is hard. it is so hard on the body, which is in turn hard on everything else.  at this point there are a lot of unknowns, and there will be a lot of hard days, but we are so, so proud of my mom’s great courage and strength as we face the unknowns and the hard days ahead.


Thi said...

Our hearts and prayers are with you and your family. Best wishes to your dear mom.

betsey said...

So sorry to hear about your mom, Emily! I'm sure you are doing a wonderful job taking care of her, just like she took care of you when you were pregnant. What a good experience for you all (trying to look at the positive, right?!?!)

You'll be in our thoughts and prayers.