Monday, October 15, 2012

half way

time for baby caleb's six-a-month review.

clothing size: 12-18 months. i've stopped buying him more than a handful of outfits in any given size because who the heck knows how long he's going to be wearing them.

mobility: limited. he rolls and uses his hands to move in circles, and sometimes he kicks hard enough that he lunges forward a bit, but it looks like crawling might still be a month or so off. caleb can get up on his knees (in fact, that's how he likes to sleep), but he just hasn't figured out how to use those knees (in sync with his hands, of course) to move his little baby body around.

diet: still liquid. his foray into the wide world of solid food has been pretty sparse so far. sometimes i mix him up a bowl of rice cereal to eat during dinnertime ('cause i'm a glutton for punishment who wants to feed, clean up after, and bathe three young children), and he seems to enjoy that okay.

sleep habits: decent. caleb is a fairly good night sleeper, generally only waking up around 4:30am (or later!) to be groggily scooped up by mommy and brought to bed with her whilst daddy gets up to go to work. his day sleeping could use a little more effort, though. i mean, two forty minute naps a day should really not be enough for a six-month old. it is certainly not enough for his mother.

hobbies: varied. he likes to travel. he wants desperately to eat some paper. he loves the bath (and splashing most of all). he enjoys playing with and chewing on various kitchen utensils. and he considers himself a connoisseur of both fine literature and fine jewelry.

all up, we're really diggin our blonde-haired blue-eyed boy.

contract renewed.

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