Friday, April 08, 2011


it's true: my two squeeze-them-till-they-pop, too-adorable-for-words, little lovely princesses are *occasionally* (sarcastic smirk) disobedient.

while both are probably equally negligent of the rules around here, summer and afton exhibit very different personal approaches to disobedience.

afton is outright rebellious. she is perfectly conscious of the expected behavior, blatantly disregards it, and then dares you (dares you) to do something about it. summer, on the other hand, is just so off in her own world (twirling around on those tippy-tip-toes) that she's not even thinking about the expected behavior (though she does know what it is). she's not trying to be disobedient, but she's not trying to be obedient either.

anyway, one of the points of contention between the girls and i lately has been our two doll-size strollers. summer and afton cannot for the life of them keep their little bums out of those strollers. and as a result of their continued noncompliance with my reasonable request to stay out of them (so that they neither break the toys nor hurt themselves), they have recently lost the privilege of playing with one of their strollers and were reduced to using the other stroller (shown above) without the lining -- which i thought might finally diminish the risk of misbehavior.

looks like they showed me.

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