Friday, February 11, 2011

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in a recent effort to shower my eldest with love and affection, i took summer on a special mommy/daughter date to see her first movie.  here we are, the happy couple:

but let's back up a few minutes. here we see summer on her way to be showered with said love and affection:

thrilled, no?

actually, it turns out that summer didn't care too much for the opportunity to spend "special" time all alone with her mom. she viewed me as an evil overlord who was trying to separate her from her much beloved sister. no, seriously. when i first mentioned the movie to summer, her response was "and afton can come, too," which i sort of brushed off at the time. but after we dropped her sister off at a friend's house, summer expressed her concerns again (see above). 

eventually, she calmed down, not with the promise of a movie and candy, but with seeing her sister and friends again soon. we bought our tickets, bought some red vines, and settled in (two of but three people in the theater) to enjoy a fantastic film.

and at the end of our afternoon together, instead of the "why thank you so much, mom, you're the best ever" that i was fully expecting from my little dear, she showed her heartfelt appreciation by throwing yet another tantrum as we were getting in the car.  this time, i can't tell you exactly what the fit was even about. ah, threes: i am totally looking forward to spending the rest of the year with you.

so in the end, not my best first date, but hey, definitely not my worst either.

who knows, i may even ask her out again sometime.

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