Friday, December 31, 2010

the wheeler 500

finally: our five-hundredth blog post. what started in august of 2006 (see opening day) as a place to house the random musings of a younger, hotter, and hipper bryan and emily wheeler has blossomed into a regular cacophany of craziness managed and produced by the still pretty young, hot, and hip dynamic duo (and encouraged in large part by our little mischievous misses).

thanks for sharing the ride.

in honor of this momentous occasion, here are a few fun facts about our little corner of the blogosphere:
  • Monthly visitors
    • Jun 2007 (the first month we turned on analytics): 32
    • Dec 2010: 239
  • Monthly page views
    • Jun 2007: 228
    • Dec 2010: 1750
  • RSS subscribers: 49
  • Number of US states sending visitors: 50
  • US state sending the least visits: New Hampshire (1) --come on NH, show us the love!
  • Number of countries sending visitors: 72
  • Site referring the most traffic:

so...think you can handle 500 more?

1 comment:

Heidi Henderson said...

I love your blog!!!!!! It's so great! Amazing pictures and cute family!