Sunday, September 26, 2010

daddy daughter date

a new wheeler family tradition is born.

so while momma went out and enjoyed herself immensely at the relief society broadcast on saturday evening, bryan stayed home and tended to the wee ones.  and though his responsibilities were pretty straightforward and lowkey (as well as specifically typed up and printed out -- c'mon, i'm nothing if not neurotic), he decided to up the ante and took the girls on a little excursion (his first! outside of trips to the park) to the grocery store.  there, the girls picked out a special treat: their very own pez dispensers.  our babes thought these were about the coolest inventions of all time (and they just might be), and summer gave them her utmost seal of approval by taking both to bed with her.

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Heather said...

Kiko has been asking for this girl, you know. And we all thought he was the aloof bachelor. Oh no! Absence definitely makes the heart grow fonder.