Saturday, July 10, 2010

on the eve of afton

wrong. wrong. wrong. i was so wrong about afton.

you see, after our first ultrasonic introduction, i made a prediction about afton's personality. i did the same with summer and was spot on. about afton, i said she “is quiet, deliberate and patient. she is focused, content and relaxed.” w.r.o.n.g.

perhaps that was wishful thinking on my part because we definitely have another fierce and feisty lady in the house. i guess it's the only way bryan and i can make ‘em. and while afton is a firecracker like her sister, she’s very much her *own* little firecracker. who knew there were so many different ways to have an explosive personality.

first off, afton is happy. she is literally the smiley-est baby that ever was. she’ll cheerily chatter away to anyone who will engage her. she loves to laugh and giggle and squeal with delight. and she’s got the cutest dimple to prove it. however, afton is also a SCREAMer. when she gets mad, it’s with a capital M-A-D. and come to think of it, she has very few moods in between.

afton is aggressive -- the likes of which i’ve never seen. this little baby does NOT get pushed around. if she sees something she wants, she’s after it (and my kudos to her for owning her happiness). if summer gets in the way, you can bet there will be a throw down. afton is certainly not just somebody’s “little sister.” she can hold her own and will let everyone know loud and clear and right away when she’s displeased.

on the flip side, afton can be very pensive. when she’s in a new or strange situation, she holds back and shys away -- almost as if she’s not even there. in such settings, she refuses to participate; instead, she dons a skeptical frown and looks at the rest of us like we’re idiots.

she does not like to get dressed up or wear bows or have her hair done (but you know that doesn’t stop me). she has big, beautiful olive-grey eyes (her very own concoction), fair skin, small feet, juicy cheeks, and sandy-blonde hair. she loves music and dancing and throwing food from her high chair. she is curious and clever and very quickly gets to the bottom of all life’s little baby riddles.

so happy birthday eve to my little miss sunshine. may you ever bring the world your God-given gift of jubilant vitality.

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