Wednesday, March 25, 2009

let it all out

it's official: i'm that lady.

you know the one. not just the lady with the screeching toddler, the lady whose precious child is throwing herself on the floor, clawing and kicking around with such dramatic flair as to nearly elicit applause from the clearly enraptured audience.

yup, that's me. i finally saw it today in the eyes of passers-by as i attempted to coax summer out of pottery barn kids. she, naturally, was not ready to vacate the premises (what with all the uber-cool toys and plush bedding), and as is her custom, violently arched her back and flailed on the ground to show her disapproval for yet another one of my parenting decisions.

it happens at the post office. it happens at the grocery store. it happens at the park. it happens at people's houses. and of course, it happens at the mall.

summer's tantrums are so above and beyond what is to be expected of a child her age. i, myself, did not start throwing such well-orchestrated fits until reaching the ripe old age of two. but that summer, she's quite precocious, and her execution knows no bounds. she's even thrown herself backwards on concrete in the pouring rain to prove a point.

for the most part, i remain unflustered and go about my business, and summer is slowly learning that her emotional outbursts do little to change the course of events in her favor. however, that hasn't yet prevented her from giving us all a good show (maybe exhibiting early ambition for an oscar??)

so ya'll can just keep on staring because i have a feeling we're only beginning to see what this little firecracker can do.

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Katie said...

wow. why is it so nice for me to hear that? i like how you are so even keeled about it. luke is totally starting the melt downs and the wet noodling. and when we're at the zoo with my friends and their perfectly behaved kids - i start to wonder what i've done wrong. how did i mess up in only a year! so - it's nice to hear it from an unflustered mother who is just rollin' with it. and it reminds me that kids come with their own spunky personalities. way to be THAT lady with style.